Consultation Services

Consultation Services Details:

We provide comprehensive consultation services to establish a solid business foundation. Our offerings span from creating a clear business blueprint, setting up legal structures & systems, and identifying market niches to developing competitive rate cards, packages,Packages,Pricing and effective keys for leads and sales strategies. 

We focus on building a strong marketing and branding presence, enhancing personal branding, and diversifying income streams.

Consultation Services:

  • Developing Business Blueprint: KES 10,000
  • Legal Structure & Systems: KES 3,999
  • DefineMarket Niche:KES 3,999
  • Develop a Rate Card / Packages: KES 4,999
  • Keys for Leads and Sales: KES 3,999
  • Marketing and Branding:KES 4,999
  • Personal BrandingKES 3,999
  • Diversifying Income Streams: KES 3999
  • Essential Skills and Equipment: KES 3,999
  • Photography Studio Setup: KES 4,999
  • Podcast Equipment: KES 3,999
  • Content Calendar: KES 4,999.

Duration per Unit:

1 Hour or 2 Hours

Mode of Consultation:

On Site

Afternoon Session:

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays
Timings: 2.00pm – 4:30 pm

Bank Details:

PAYBILL : 880100
Account Number:

Amount:Total amount of your preffered consultation service(s).
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